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After purchase, we will express the saliva collection box to you within 3 working days.

2mL saliva was collected

According to the instructions, collect 2mL saliva at home, then send the original package back to the testing center, and pay on delivery.

About 2 weeks to check the test results

Test results will be available in about 2 weeks and we will inform you by SMS.

What questions about heredity can DNA answer?

After rigorous screening and verification, the test items include ancestry, genetic traits, genetic risk, etc., and are continuously updated monthly.As you go further and further, you get more and more answers.

  • Origin Analyze

  • Sport Gene

  • Nutrition Metabolism

  • Health Risk

  • Genetic Disease

  • Medication Guide

  • Genetic Characteristicse

  • Skin Features

  • Mental Trait

  • Third Party Interpretation